May 23, 2010

Getting sidetracked...

I have tales of golden week, plans for the future and a fun product review or two in the works.  Hopefully if I can muster my energies on this rainy Monday I will get them out today - or at least ready to publish this week.  As happens so often in our lives here in Japan, unexpected events derailed my plans.
All is well, truly small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.  I just needed some time to decompress this weekend from the adrenaline rushes of last week.  I find myself a bit sidetracked, but rested and content.
The good news is that it is Monday and also a vacation day for me.  
Bad news is that it has been raining cats and dogs since before the sun rose yesterday.  And.  Phil's at work and I miss him.  Goodness.  If that's the bad news...I should really stop worrying and go get my chores done.
I have grand plans to mail home the first of our packages (we packed three on Saturday), do the grocery shop and laundry.  Considering it is just ten in the morning and I have already completed a novel and eaten breakfast, it is now time to start knocking out my list.  Once I am back on track a bit, I'll be back.  See you later!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Which novel did you read...and did you like it? :)

Best wishes with your to-do list!


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