May 17, 2010

The latest thing I will not miss.

Airing out futons, originally uploaded by shamam.
As you may be aware, this is not my photo. That is *clearly* not my house. And, those are most definitely not my futons.  {If mine were this presentable, maybe I'd show you.}  None the less - it is my daily chore.  One I loathe.  One I will never again repeat when we leave.

For a while this winter I quit airing my futon - for three days. I prefer to take our bedding outside and the weather was not cooperating.  I thought simply airing indoors was silly.  I was wrong.  And I managed to grow a massive new civilization of mold on our floor and in our bed.  Whoops.  Haven't made that mistake again.

I also left our bedding out during a mid afternoon thunderstorm.  The evening that followed was not one of remarkably comfortable and peaceful rest.

In Japan, some people *prefer* sleeping on futons.  These old school cotton pads lay directly on the woven grass {tatami} mats that serve as a floor.  Hence airing is essential.  I am convinced that these people who prefer futons are men.  My theory is dervived from one simple statistic: Japanese women, on average, do between two and four hours of housework a day.  I am a believer.  I for one am looking forward to never again deconstructing, airing and then once more reconstructing my bedding on a daily basis.  This is one chore I can live without.

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