May 15, 2010

Pondering Packing

And a road map for the next few months...
Our time is drawing to a close here in the rooftop of Japan.  Our final vacation time has been requested and approved.  We have made our wrapping up list.  The weeks remaining in Asia have slipped into the single digits.  The weather has warmed and Spring is well and truly here with Summer nipping at her heals.  We have begun to map out a route for our return home.  {And check out the snazzy free tourism maps we snagged while LilSis was here for our future brood to eat off of in our future home!}

We were planning on starting the process of packing this weekend - but there has been a minor delay.  Our next move is to complete a list of three things to guarantee enrollment in school.  We are all lined up - ready to move forward - and yet immobile.  Oh, the joys of waiting on school to overcome a technical glitch that has pushed everything back about thirty days and counting.

One of the greatest gifts that our time here has given me resounding calm in my soul.  My entire life I have been one to worry over things outside of my control.  I thought not sweating the small stuff was a joke.  There was no way for me to avoid fear induced sweats on a routine basis.  Maybe it is because we crossed the threshold into our thirties.  Maybe it is because we have worked hard to build a strong union, our team.  Maybe it is because we are not procrastinating and are ready for this next stage.  Or maybe it is because after five years of practicing patience with military bureaucracy and two years of practicing patience with Japanese bureaucracy, the relative peace of academic bureaucracy is refreshing.

I think we might go for a hike with all of this unexpected free time this weekend.  {I already managed to finish the two books I scavenged in Tokyo, the chores are done, and the weather has been so so fine.}

In the mean time I am left contemplating this:
All of our worldly possessions {minus the very few we brought and even fewer we will return with} wrapped and tied neatly like a welcome home present, a house in storage, a life on hold.  After two years we are ready to return and begin again.  As I ponder packing up our life here I am looking forward to collecting our household and building our homestead once more.  In this moment I am most excited to unwrap our couch - the couch on which we did our first crossword.  It has been two long years since we lived with a piece of furniture upon which we could sit together.  Ponder that...

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