May 15, 2010

Push Yourself

Push, originally uploaded by Fuyoh!.
A few years ago - in the summer of 2006 - I was watching Oprah one day and she told me to do forty five bent leg push ups a day for health. I thought: "Whatever. I can't do forty five push ups. I supposed I could do bent leg push ups, but that is weak." But somewhere in a corner of my negative brain I thought..."but that would be so cool." and the number and goal stuck.

That evening during half-price-burger-night I told our friend Zak about what Oprah said. He said: "Yeah, you know she's right T, it would be good for your over all fitness and strengthen your core."

After our conversation I told Phil about what Oprah and Zak said. First, he was slightly unimpressed that I hadn't noticed him encouraging me to try push ups as part of my fitness routine {he had}. Second, he was slightly annoyed that I was using Oprah as a role model. He agreed that 45 was a good base level for a women to aim for.

I left the conversation at that.
For almost three years.
I would try a few lame girlie push ups, but the activity never became routine.
Then Phil finally saw me try.
He stopped me and helped me.
I had been doing it all wrong.
He coached me on how to properly do a push up.
He taught me how to sense what good form was.
He even encouraged me to do knee push ups to build my stamina.

All of a sudden, with proper form and good guidance, my push ups went from painful and purposeless to powerful. I am here to report to Oprah and the world that I am doing my forty five a day. I am still splitting them into two sets {25 - 2 minutes rest - 20}, but I am doing full push ups. It's not nearly as hard as they used to be when I couldn't reach my goal. Now I am focusing on looking like Phil - chin out, chest to the floor. Imagine that!

Let me tell you that achieving fitness goals {especially those that you secretly dreamed of and dismissed out of a lack of belief in yourself} is exhilarating!


Stephanie said...

I am impressed! I'd love to work up that. Your post has inspired me... :)

Jeanette said...

I try to do push ups sometimes but wind up feeling ridiculous. I remember having to do them as a kid for P.E. and wonder how I ever did them. I really should try and work on that. I've got the Wii Fit and that was one of the exercises that I failed miserably!


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