May 26, 2010

smiling despite the rain

Umbrellas., originally uploaded by iMorpheus.

I left my bike at school last Friday and so today I walked to school.  I left my umbrella at home today.  I didn't even bother to bring a jacket.  These three decisions are why I am sitting here grinning like a drowned rat.  Today field day was canceled because the ground was soaked but the sun shone down. I taught my classes in my sweat pants and t-shirt. An then the rain came. At 4:08. I leave work at 4:15. The skies opened and soaked me as I peddled home.  I smiled to myself as I rode through the waves of the storm. Rain feels good when its not so cold. Or when you are wearing clothing that survives the wet. It feels good to be alive today.  Phil just called.  He wants a ride.  Out the door I go to rescue him from a similar fate.

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