May 2, 2010

Welcome to Japan!

LilSis arrived on Thursday!  I have to say that I was a ball of nerves and totally happy when I waved across the entrance at her.  I don't think I ever really processed the facts that: we live in Japan, she was coming to Japan, and we hadn't seen each other in WAY too long.  When I saw her tentatively round the corner from customs all three of these facts came crashing down on me and I was just so glad to hug the pants off her.

So far the visit has been so cool.  My memory served me well - LilSis is well, an awesome lady and spending time with her has been such a nice gift for me!  We rode the train into Shinjuku at rush hour, we saw a hazy Tokyo skyline view, we ate strawberry parfaits, we spent the night in Tokyo, we went up Fuji - and that was just in the first 24 hours - we have a lot in front of us!  Today we are going kickback and relax.  Maybe even hit up the foot onsen - Japanese public bathing for your feet!

The weather has been unbelievable and boy have we missed our family.  Having her here has been unreal awesomesauce.  LilSis asked me right when she arrived if I was sad to be leaving.  I was pretty quick to answer, "No way!"  We have about ten or eleven weeks left in Japan and it is definitely time to move beyond this place in our lives, but as we have taken her around our life, parts of this island that impact me deeply and have been a comfort to me in my life for the past two years - I am almost saying goodbye.  At one point on Saturday, I turned to ManInCharge and said - "Oh!  We're probably not going to come back are we?" He shook his head and we both looked a little more closely at the castle we were staring up at.  Not only are we saying hello to our sister, showing her our lives, but we are transitioning home - to family and places we know well, that we have missed - it makes me wonder:  What parts of Japan will rest in my memory?  Surely my two Golden Weeks of adventure lie at the top of that list.
And we even saw a family of Ninjas.

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