June 2, 2010

choosing the color of my Mitsubishi...

I choose red.
What color would you choose?
These made me laugh this week.  I hope that they grade as fast as a Skyline accelerates - because the piles of paper on my desk just keep growing taller. 

In the United States we like our brands separated.  Honda stretches it when they produce cars, motorcycles and lawn mowers under the same name.  I am convinced this is why Asimo (the Honda robot) does not have a cult following abroad.

In Japan 財閥 (zaibatsu) have no labeling conventions.  財閥 are a truly Japanese business model.  In the rest of the world these over arching companies are regulated and broken up under anti-trust laws.  In Japan they are encouraged.  They, zaibutsu, are financial and production conglomerates who control a significant market share of all industries from banking to design to manufacturing, shipping and sales.  Mitsubishi is known as one of the big four and has its history in the Meiji restoration.  Mitsubishi group owns everything.  Even pencils apparently.

In other news:

This week is flying by.
This time in our life is disappearing.
The days are numbered.
We are coming home.
All of these things feel great.

What doesn't feel great is having every moment in the workday full of new lesson plans, changing schedules, no time to catch up with colleagues, or even take a bathroom break and a long line of sad students with emergency questions who have just discovered I have only a few weeks left.

Until the workday ends and I walk away.  Into our last weeks in Japan.  Into the summer.  Having worked hard and having achieved our goals makes this feel so good.

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