June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Going home with dad, originally uploaded by Joi.
Hug yours today if you are not oceans apart.  I enjoyed catching up with mine a little bit early.  We laughed and when we hung up we repeated a well worn goodbye ritual that we started when I was very young.  The rest of the world can't believe we still do it, but otherwise we would stay on the phone forever.  My earliest memories of talking on the phone are of dialing home from the swimming pool to ask him to pick me up after practice and saying our little ditty. 

Yesterday on during our afternoon outing for lunch that took us over the river and through the woods Phil and I had dads on the brain.  We swapped stories and collapsed into giggles over the long suffering nature of both of our Pops.  What touches me the most is how lucky we both are.  Our memories, while full of blistered sunburned feet or fish hooks in earlobes are are also full of warmth and love.  Despite their distance, our Dads are right here in our hearts and their influence and love is reflected in us.  I look forward to watching that bond form in my husband and our kids.  Not too forward, but when it happens, I know that it will be joyful.

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