June 14, 2010

hurried, harried, harumph!

Today is one of those days that can easily pitch me off balance - flying headlong into the end of the week.  I am trying to just keep my balance and accomplish everything I can in the time I have.  Sometimes it seems that there are not enough planning hours in my day to balance my diverse class load.  I feel driven to do the best I can and falling short of my own expectations is inevitable.

It doesn't help that all of Japan is wandering around in a no sleep funk.  Last night the Japan v Cameroon match was broadcast live starting at 11pm.  Everyone I know watched it and the telecast ended sometime after two this morning.  This nation has surrendered its sleep and will spend today as the latest willing victims of WC zombitus.  (Though in fairness they are all very happy zombies.)  Unlike the rest of the nation we did not watch the match - one of the benefits of not having a TV - we can avoid World Cup induced insomnia.  Last night's insomnia had no definitive source, though both Philip and I tossed and turned until we finally threw in the towel at five this morning.

It's in moments like this that I like to close my eyes and remember all of the things I love about Japan.  To remember the peace and true contentment that these two years have brought us.

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