June 25, 2010

My soft cream has a hat.

One of my greatest pleasures in life has become any form of sweet frozen treat.  I credit two things with my new found love.  First, I no longer experience food related guilt.  Second, it's summertime and I have no air conditioning.  Ice cream is a great way to cool myself down! 

I look forward to walking down to the conbini and choosing my flavor of the day.  Will I have the Pino?  Maybe a Crunky Mint or a Coolish!  How about the Hersheys Banana ice cream bonbons?  Maybe I'll have an ice cream sandwich.  It is pretty much the most exciting thing I do most days. 

Phil of course finds my newly acquired sweet tooth both hysterical and convenient.  He puts a five minute time limit on my decision making process, which sometimes is frustrating, but after five minutes of staring at my choices I usually can make a decision.  After a run on Wednesday he took me to Circle K (I'm a pretty high maintenance kind of girl) as a special treat.  The selection in the freezer didn't excite me. 

Phil settled on banana bonbons and supplemented his ice cream with a packet of beef jerky - but I was turning into a pouty mess over near the freezer section.  Thank goodness he turned to me and said - "You know, if nothing appeals, you don't HAVE to get anything."  We proceeded to the register, me sans ice cream and sad, when I remembered - Circle K has a soft cream machine!!!  Soft cream is by far my favorite frozen treat.  I suppose it is frozen yogurt or something.  It comes in crazy awesome flavors in a cake cone and there is something about a swirly treat that just makes me joyful.  I am beginning to think I am a little to simple minded, but whatever...

I ordered myself a Strawberry Cheesecake soft cream and began to get excited.  We had meant to try it on another ice cream adventure earlier in the week and ended up with a pair of plain ichigo (strawberry) and cream cones.  Lo and behold this is what I got:

Apparently when you are taking soft cream in the car it comes with a lid.  Score - double cake cone!  The soft cream was awesome too.  It was cheese cake flavored with chunks of cheese cake, ribbons of strawberry jam and chocolate shavings - a very complex variation.
P.S. - We are a month from returning home and work has gotten quite full for me, I hope to stay more current with my updates this weekend/week but am afraid I might start falling behind.

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