June 7, 2010

not bad, not bad at all!

Late last week we finally got around to tasting the Green Cola that I had aquired during my grocery trip two weekends ago.  I was a wee bit skeptical of this soft drink because - well - the marketing was less than impressive.
As you can see, Green Cola advertises itself as being "For your natural life."  What you probably can't make out due to poor lighting conditions and the flash bulb glare is the follow on sentence, and I quote:"Asahi Green Cola" is made from selected raw materials derived from plants such as fruits, with cola's own dynamism and briskness."  WHAT?!?

We cracked open the bottle and poured out two glasses.  After the carbonation of our last soft drink taste test, we decided to avoid another potential belch-fest.  The cola was lighter than typical synthetically dyed sodas and marked by its general lack of fizz.  Both Phil and I enjoyed the cola more than your typical Coke or Pepsi.  It was less sweet - closer to what cola should taste like than what it often does.

I for one have learned my lesson and will no longer be deterred by poor English language marketing slogans.  While I'm slightly unsure of how drinking this soda will improve my natural life, I will not be bypassing it when I get the hankering for a cola - I will pass right over the red and white iconic label and reach for a Green Cola - who doesn't need a bit more dynamism in their daily life?

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