June 19, 2010

...patience is not my virtue...

I'm a Scorpio.
Sitting on my hands and waiting for the world to get back to me is tough.  
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Today we packed our final box for America.  Well, our final box and four others that I have been needing to send since February.  I still have at least one more to pack.  Phil has one too, but I am going to let him work that one out on his own - it's for some katanas and swords are not my domain. I digress.

I did a final sort and organize of our bills.  I had planned on scheduling our final bills this weekend - but I can't.  The problem is that we don't know when we are coming home.  Instead, I am busy practicing patience over here.  Or more really, being antsy and failing to be patient. 

This was my last free weekend before our move home and I was hoping to tie up the loose ends.  I know, I know...I am still not practicing patience.  But.  It's so hard.  Okay.  It's not that hard.  It's just mildly annoying.  I am taking cues from Mr. Cool as a Cucumber over there.  I'm just not going to worry.  I have plenty to do without derailing progress with impatience.

This afternoon once the packing had ceased, we escaped for a meal out.  We went for ramen.  Phil informed me that he was crazy to marry a Scorpio and did I know that water signs are the best.  I told him that he was mistaken - Scorpios are by far the most dynamic of all of the zodiac signs.  We laughed.  I'm right.  He thinks he's right, but, he's not.  Once we reached our tenuous truce we paid 100 yen for a horoscope that was not either of our signs.  Phil's was broken and he forgot about me.  It doesn't matter, the horoscope was in Japanese.  We just laughed at some poor Pisces and their potential bad luck.  We ordered and when our bowls arrived we switched.  I love the fact that Phil always wants what I order.  It gives me joy to trade meals with him.

After dinner we split a melon soda float.  
(image via here)

Summer is full of treats.
I need to remember that moving is not a reason to ignore joys of life. 
Now I just need to focus on the fun and practice my patience.
ps - Scorpios rule, Aquarii drool.
pps - I decided to check our zodiac compatibility - oh brother.  We're doomed.  I am glad that I don't actually put merit into what the internet says about such things...

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