June 14, 2010

...rain boots on a dry Monday...

...and a photo from a brighter day...

This weekend marked the start of the rainy season in our little corner of Japan.  This calendar year has so far been exceptionally dry and sunny.  The rain started yesterday evening around six and carried on through the evening.  When we woke this morning, we could still hear the pitter-patter of falling drops on our metal roof.

I felt an unusual sense of relief, I locked my bike on Wednesday of last week and had forgotten to look for the key.  Rain meant that I could continue to delay the search.

Unfortunately for Phil there was no silver lining, he just bit the bullet and crawled out of bed earlier in order to compensate for our early start time.  When it rains, we walk.  We have to leave about ten minutes earlier.  No hitting the snooze button on this Monday morning.

The irony of the weather saving my bacon was that less than two blocks into our walk the rain stopped.  We laughed and shrugged and continued on our merry way, holding hands - something that bikes make impossible.  Today has been grey - and at times chilly - but not wet.  However, here I am traipsing around in galoshes.  A bright spot in this silliness is that I located my key and on Wednesday we will be coasting downhill to school once more.
 ps - The Untouchables was roundly enjoyed last night.  Gangster movies in the 1980s were in a league of their own.

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