June 3, 2010

Robbed...in Japan?

This morning was the second time crime has disrupted our lives in Japan.  I thought this was supposed to be the safest place on Earth.  This morning I was so happy.  I was singing along to THE GREATEST MIX CD EVER {courtesy of LilSis} and decided to pop into my favorite Lawson's convenience store to grab lunch and some chocolates for my students.  {The same combini where Phil and I procured our Hello Kitty apple bread.}

As I rounded the corner at the Jonan intersection I was met with a grim scene - yellow police tape and a crew of forensics officers gathering evidence at MY COMBINI!  I promptly overreacted and decided there had been a murder.  Japanese police are so serious.  They were very somber for anything less than that.  Then I worried that it might be my favorite clerk.

Above is the local news piece on the incident.  It turns out that last night at 3am {on the morning of June 3rd} a man with a knife entered the store and stole 120,000 yen {about $1200.00}.  The clerks on duty were not injured.  The man was between 20 and 40 and wore a black hooded sweatshirt, black pants and a pair of black sunglasses.  Another sign that wearing sunglasses at night is not cool.

I almost stopped in as a sign of solidarity to buy something on the way home, but, well...there were no cars in the parking lot and I felt a bit timid - so I just drove on.  Phil and I will be back next Tuesday and hopefully so will our favorite clerk.  I'm glad no body was hurt.

In addition to this breakfast halting debacle - a lunch money klepto has been pillaging the wallets of my students at one school and a pair bike thieves keep "borrowing" their classmates' bikes at my other school for free rides to the train station.  Japan, you are falling apart.


Jeanette said...

Of course you're still much safer than you would be in the states or probably anywhere else! It's good no one was hurt. I miss Japanese convenience stores. The stores here in the states may have a few of the comfort snacks from my time in Japan but it's never anywhere near the same.

sillygirltree said...

Your right on all three counts!

I was a bit silly in my reporting - the incident caused me such shock and relief.

I will definitely miss the ever changing variety of our local convenience stores and Japanese snack foods always seem to come in a perfect size.

Jeanette said...

It would be shocking. I really can't remember any crime when I lived there in the late 80's early 90's. I'm sure there was but nothing like here in the states.

I miss the candy and chips the most. Out of the drinks I love the Oronamin C and Georgia Coffee drinks but they are so expensive here when I can find them. My brother still lives in Yokosuka so if I really want something he'll send it.


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