June 12, 2010


On Thursday morning I was running a bit behind.  I jumped into the shower at 7:46, just about the time I should have been walking out the door.  I wasn't too fussed though - my bag was packed, I no longer have existential angst when getting dressed and traffic on the roads is a bit thin now that the weather has turned warm.  I still didn't have a moment to dawdle, so after a quick wash and dry I through my clothes on, grabbed my bag, the keys and my coffee and I scooted out to the car.

As I was opening the door and stepping inside - what did my eyes happen to see?  But this:

A not-so-perfect four leaf clover.  I thought about leaving him there to live - but plucked him up - saving him from becoming a second helping for whatever insect ate a hole in one of his leaves.  It was the right decision.  When I arrived home, gone was the jungle of wild flowers and my husband was standing on a nicely sheared lawn with a great big smile.  He was hot, sweaty and slightly green around the ankles.  If I hadn't rescued my four leaf clover, he wouldn't have been standing when I arrived home that evening.

Our little back garden - which is really more of an overgrown weed patch of an alley where we park our car - is a carpet of clover.  Whenever we have a visitor they delight at the thought that we have a breeding ground for luck.  LilSis was the most recent person to comment on our good fortune - though I have always been a skeptic.  In the two years we have been here I have search for a four leaf gem - to no avail - until last Thursday.  I have to remind myself to keep my heart open - to embrace curiosity and hope - because no matter what I think I may know - I really don't have a clue ;).

Sometimes good fortune confronts us when we least expect it.  Small gifts cross our paths and we have to remember to stop, take it in, enjoy and move on.  As we enter our final six weeks in Japan, I want to embrace this.  Work is picking up - no coasting for me, just a headlong race to the finish.  If I remember to pause everyday and take a moment to be, I think these last few days will be the best.

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