June 13, 2010

...sunday night movie classics...

The Untouchables edition.

Sometimes Phil and I actually find a movie worth renting.  Other times we spend hours watching the previews on itunes and cringing.  On evenings where we have no luck and rent nothing, we still find entertainment.  A loop of two minute trailers will entertain us until the genius recommendations start looping back into repeat selections.  Only very rarely do we have nights where we find multiple options that really engage us - usually we are lucky to find one.  However, when the stars align and we do find multiple rentals we always order them all.  If we don't - we will forget what we wanted to watch.  If we are smart enough to write down our "to rent next" - we loose the paper.

Exactly 27 days and 23 hours ago we hit the movie rental jackpot.  We picked three rentals: Maverick, Red Cliff and The Untouchables.  Three wildly different and yet equally appealing films.  With Maverick we discovered that Mel Gibson has a pattern to his films - obscene length, excellent vignettes and a whole lot of face {and hairpiece} time for Mel.  Red Cliff was a disappointment.  The English language release was a poorly edited condensation of a fairly epic Asian release.  While there were plenty of slow motion explosion moments, unfortunately the time continuity and the intricacy of the storyline were left on the cutting room floor.  Tonight we have one final film to watch before it expires.  A classic.  Well, maybe not as classic as The Sting - and I don't really know if it is a classic, because I have never seen it, but Phil assures me it is good.

Tonight we watch The Untouchables.  I am looking forward to seeing Old Chicago - this girl loves an old-time gangster movie.  Instead of sipping gin fizz, we'll stick to a bowl of popcorn and iced tea - but the roaring twenties are coming to town and I for one am ready to escape back in time and see pre-Waterworld Kevin Costner clean up the windy city.

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