July 11, 2010

ゲジ: Geji Geji Go Away

It's a rainy Sunday election day afternoon here. While all of our neighbors have been taking the short walk to our neighborhood polling station for the Upper House Elections, we decided to not mope over the fact that we aren't enfranchised.  Instead we decided that with the end as near as it is we would truly begin THE FINAL CLEANDOWN. {Please read THE FINAL CLEANDOWN as if you were an announcer at a wrestling event for the WWE, because that is how my dear husband would want it.} We started in the office, err, cupboard, and tackled our paperwork this morning. What seemed like an endless pile of important items has been culled, organized and packed into one of those brown legal file carriers.

It feels good to have step one complete, so good that we promptly moved onto other important business. Philip retired upstairs to nap, an excellent usage of a wet day. I decided to finish the last twenty pages of Gan, or 雁, or  The Wild Geese by Mori Ogai. After I finished the book I did what any good nervous nelly would do and came back downstairs to begin clearing out the bathroom cabinets. Once I consolidated four drawers into one that needs to be sorted I took a long look at the nasty sink that we have never used. It is a utility sink that had a hose running to our useless and now packed away washing machine. While we have never used it, I still can't handle leaving it dirty when we leave, even if the dirt predates us. I was quite enjoying the therapeutic destruction of the rust stains that a good solid scrubbing was producing. I got the aluminum to a bit of a shine and was ready to rinse. The sink comes up to my mid-thigh, so I bent over it in order to wash away the baking soda and vinegar residue as I turned the faucet to on. Out of the corner of my vision I saw something leap from the drain.
ゲジ / House centipede, originally uploaded by KentaHayashi.

My good friend geji, a Japanese house centipede had been slumbering peacefully in the sink drain. Oh freaking heck did I jump. And then I remembered that they jump too and my scalp began to crawl. These guys are great to have around. They feast on all kinds of creepy crawlies and are generally quite timid around people. They hide under the staircase or in disused drains and keep our house relatively bug free. Well, that's what Phil tells me.

I did what any self respecting bug-wimp would do. I poured half a bottle of bleach on him and ran to my computer, just needing to share my gross out with my friends. I feel really bad about the bleach. That was really mean of me. If it's any consolation, Mr. Geji, it was instinct, I didn't mean to hurt you and my skin is still crawling. Please vacate the premises until the end of this month, and then come back. I will be gone and these 500 square feet will be your kingdom. I'm just proud that I didn't wake up Phil. Baby steps. I still really want to.

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