July 6, 2010

hanging on

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If memory serves, I believe I have promised more consistency in the past. With sixteen days and a wake-up left in Japan, I am pretty sure that I can no longer pretend that I will meet my goals of sharing all of the things that bring me joy in our daily life here.

Don't misunderstand.

There are innumerable things that make me smile each day that I spend in Japan. I just haven't been very diligent in recording them. Oops. Now I am just trying to cross lines through my growing leaving checklist.

For example: a few weeks ago I wrote that we were mailing our final parcel home. Well. We went to the post office, filled out the forms and discovered that our box was five centimeters over the shipping volume limit to the US. {We had wrongly assumed that the US allowed packages of up to three meters in volume. No, the US, along with Angola and a few other illustrious nations, limits parcels to two meters.} I think I will forever have an image of the female worker rather jauntily measuring the box with a sewing tape measure while 25kg of our household goods balanced precariously on a office chair. The package and chair would slowly roll one way and then another as she tried to convince us that, no the US does not use the same standards as the rest of the first world. She might have broken out in a sweat and feared for her toes, but she never stopped smiling, though she probably wanted to kill us.

We brought the box home, went box shopping, remembered my hina matsuri doll and magically one box that weighed 25 kg became four boxes weighing somewhere between 35 and 40 kg. It is now my exciting task to mail these boxes today, solo. I have postponed long enough. They just have to be mailed. I put the boxes in the car on Monday, but realized that with about $10 on me, I needed a cash infusion. On Tuesday I picked up the mailing forms. This morning I will fill them out and get myself to the Post Office. I am glad the counter staff know me. They are generally very patient and do a good job hiding their confusion about my customs declarations. {However, who doesn't love miming things like swim fins and snow shoes in a post office?}

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