July 28, 2010

on the flip side

(An interesting label for home grown potatoes...)

After traveling for seventy six consecutive hours I can finally announce that we are in fact on the flip side.  The long time in transit made for a fairly easy timezone transition and I think we are well and truly with it now.  However, internet is spotty and there are long lists of items to check off of our agenda, not the least of which being a drive across the country in a truck without air conditioning.

 (we're tired...not as tired as we were when we climbed Fuji...but pretty tired)

We left town as scheduled and attempted to have our last supper at our favorite restaurant.  Unfortunately in the busiest town in the world, we missed the final seating, at 9pm.  This was to be our last supper, not just in Japan, but to be our last food service industry purchase for one year.  Having built up our final meal out in our mind it seemed fitting that we were unable to make it happen.  Oh well.  At the end of the day a meal is a meal and starting a new goal wee bit early never hurt anyone.

(this time last year we were exploring Wat Po in Bangkok)

Why make not eating out a goal?  Well, we are going to be living lean without income these next few years.  One of the easiest ways to control food costs is to simply eat at home.  But, this was not really the deciding factor.  After living in a nation where it is a necessity to import the majority of food consumed from other countries, I simply no longer want to eat things that I can't source.  Restaurant prepared food is where we have chosen to start this sourcing journey.  This is our line in the sand.  While traveling we didn't struggle with it and so far we have been shacking up with our parents, so they have been spoiling us rotten with steaks and lasagna and Thanksgiving in July.  I suspect the real challenge will begin when we are on our own and yours truly has a day where she just doesn't feel like making grub.

(and dodging trains and croc spotting while exploring the bridge on the river kwai)

In other ramble-y uninteresting news, am growing weary of having to explain to customer service representatives that I don't actually have a fixed abode and that, yes, I am fine with that for the moment.  Being temporarily homeless is kind of nice.  I just find myself wishing we were also car-less, truck-less and stuff-less.

 (now we have quite a drive in front of us)

This post is not just a "We're home! "And we're not eating out (or stopping at coffee houses or ice cream shops {THE REAL SACRIFICE})!"  It's also me taking an opportunity to tell ya'll that I'm checking out for a bit {or maybe forever}.  I am not sure at the moment if I will pick it back up in the future, but right now the great big to do list that life has become will be our top priority.  We'll see in 20 days.  20 days.  Oh my.  I can understand why it takes folks a couple of months to transition between jobs and countries.  We had a month when we left and we have twenty days this time around.  Boy is the time line just a wee bit tight.


Ellen said...

I for one will be sad to see your perspective on life and its pursuits leave the blogisphere. I suppose I'll have to keep up with your adventures another way.

Erika Post said...

Glad you are home safe, guys! Enjoy some R&R and we will see you soon!

Teresa said...

Ellen! Thank you, what a nice complement. Hopefully I will find plenty of time to continue once Phil has started school and we are housed.

Erika, we will be home soon, just in time to send you off on your adventure!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I've just now found your blog and you're leaving!? Poo. Well - I must say I find your life inspiring. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Wishing you peace.


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