August 27, 2010

Hello Cuteness!

It looks like I lied. I will probably be back. We didn't buy a house, get a dog, start growing all of our food and radically change our world in the end. But the good news is that I will have time to write.

Instead we moved into the dorms. My weekly grocery budget is $100.00 dollars. I am busy mapping out all of the running routes that don't require crossing the roads in this crazy college town. We live perched on a hill right above basketball greatness in a place that reminds me that there is goodness all around.

My favorite routine of the week is taking my glass of water on a dusk-time stroll with my husband after I have cleaned up the dinner dishes. We hold hands and dodge the kids with training wheels, say hello to our neighbors out on their evening constitutionals. On our stroll we pick up two copies of the campus paper, him to do the sudoku and me to do the crossword. We tried one copy, but even after jankening (paper, rock, scissors) the loser (me) barely had the patience to wait for the level 4 sudoku to be finished.

But cute is this?

Have a happy Friday and a delicious weekend!

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