September 24, 2010

height clarity and a recipe

After only having access to non-comprehensive medical care in Japan {it was excellent, I just couldn't understand what was going on since it was all in Japanese} I have been busy catching up with all of my routine care.  It has been fun.  

I am having my blood type tested.  Blood type is as important as your meteorological sign in Japan and I am not sure how I got through two years without being told what mine was.  I think it was because I would always just spit out my husband's blood type and that usually ended the disbelieving stares.  Apparently knowing your spouse's blood type is impressive enough to forgive not knowing your own.  {No, I do not donate blood.  I am ineligible.  It does not make me a bad person.  In fact, follow the link & double check that you are not ineligible before you donate.  I just discovered I'm doubly ineligible.}

There is a long running debate about height in our house, there are two folks here that are 5'9".  Which would be fine, except that Philip is actually taller than me.  Sigh.  When I got my vitals checked at yesterday's appointment, I made sure to stand especially straight, grateful for the week of yoga and thought many happy things about elongating my spine.  Then the nurse told me I was 5'6".  I almost cried.  I know that I'm not quite 5'9", but 5'6"?  No way.  Unless the yoga is having a bizarre opposite effect.  My mind just took off racing and boy I started wondering.  I suppose I looked a bit panicked, so she remeasured me.  Nope. 5'8" and 3/4"...rounding up as is my inalienable math right, I am in fact 5'9".  Now I need to get Phil to a doctor's office & measure him.  Then he can say he's 5'10" and I can settle back into my 5'9" bliss.  All will be right with the world.

Now.  If you have read this far I suppose you deserve a recipe, and so here it is.
It's not really a recipe per-se, more of a list of stuff & a method of cooking.  I didn't follow the recipe from the internet that I cribbed and I don't want ya'll to feel required to do as I did, so anything goes.I used about 2 pounds of legs & thighs I had, but boneless skinless breasts or even a whole cut up fryer would work.  The first night I just served the chicken legs & thighs whole on the plate, but I would recommend removing the chicken before you serve & removing skin and bones, then shred with a fork and return to the chili.  If you use canned beans, one large can (15 oz) or two 8 oz cans would work.  I use dried beans so I just threw them in the slow cooker with enough water to cover +1 inch and cooked them on low over night.  As for the corn, use whatever you have on hand.  Fresh corn would be yum, but I get lazy when it comes to cutting it off the cob.  I used a bag of frozen.  I decided to use a very basic salsa, but feel free to get fancy.

Choose your toppings and accompanying starch to your heart's content.  
We had it over rice with sour cream on top, but lime wedges, chives, sour cream, shredded cheese, fresh tomato, green onions or avocado make great toppers.  Whether it be on a baked potato, in a bowl with some crusty bread, with a side of tortilla chips, over rice or standing alone this B2C2 Chili is a new family favorite around here.
ps - I linked this up with Tasty Tuesdays from Jen @ Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.  I managed to link it wrong...whoops.

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