September 15, 2010

I knew I had questionable taste in music.

I just didn't know uploading all of our CDs onto my computer would prompt my hard drive to crash. I'm not sure if that was it for sure. I also had a windows update that I don't think quite took right. Either way, the timing was impeccable. Moments after I finished loading all 68GB of audio the darn thing started misbehaving. I can't complain too much though, for the first time in the history of my life I was able to transfer all data onto our external drive before she started spinning out to her own tune.
Death of a Light Bulb, originally uploaded by laszlo-photo.

I just wanted to let ya'll know that I might not be here for a day or two. My resident computer expert is off studying law and trying to distance himself from all things that remind him of his days as an EE.  Besides, I can hop on his in dire emergencies {such as this}.  In addition to slowing computer repairs, the new studious nature of my husband has led to an uptick in dinner time chat.  Dinner table conversations have been thrilling around here, a lot of talk of stolen Georgia O'Keefe paintings and the drama of New Jersey supreme court rulings. Much more engaging than physics or calculus. {Thank goodness we're both focusing on arts not sciences...}

Don't worry too much about me though.  I might have admitted the loss of my camera and crashed my computer {and embarrassed myself in front of the maintenance staff, but I'm not going there} because technology does not destroy me and tomorrow I am trying something new.  It's not technical, so it should be okay.

Tomorrow I am going to a very stinky and hot place with my girl T. She tipped me off and then I passed by and reported that it smelled like a middle school boy's gym locker. Then about a month later she went by and stayed a while. She confirmed said odor, informed me that I will probably end up a raisin due to irrigation limitations but all in all that the place is great fun. Tomorrow we go together. We put each other down as our emergency contacts. Let's hope we don't pass out in tandem. That's right. I am finally trying hot yoga. I am less bendy than Phil, and he's not bendy at we'll see how this goes. Now. I'm off to find my nose plug and drink a bucket of water.

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