September 15, 2010

life as a housewife

Now, ya'll know that I'm not working now right?  This is very weird for me.  The last time I did this Phil told me that I was the worst kind of housewife.  Now just wait a minute.  That was not harsh, it was accurate.  I was the worst kind of lazy.  I put my hand on my hip and said to my husband, "It's not like I'm gonna sit on the couch all day and eat bonbons!"  He kind of looked surprised and said, "Well, as long as we both agree on that!"  I was so annoyed that he was worried that I would pull some nonsense like that.  And then.  I did just that.  Without the bonbons.  I preferred Doritos.  And I would leave the trash by the door for him to take out after he got home from work.  He was working 12 hour days at that point.  The most egregious example of this was one time Phil came home after his morning PT for breakfast and I was napping on the couch.  At 8 o clock in the morning.  {I am rolling my eyes at myself, just plain sad.}

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So, I went back to work.  Clearly I was not ready to actually be self-directed.  While we both were working our housekeeping kind of fell apart at first.  We ate out an awful lot and our 500 square feet of home was not clean enough for me.  I mean, it wasn't filthy, it was just rarely the way I like to keep my house.  As a pair we made a list of the things we should do daily, weekly and monthly.  We took that list and split it down the middle.  In less than an hour a week each we managed our home together.

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During the final six months of my contract we started talking about what it would mean for me to stay home when we came back to the US.  We talked about the three absolutes: chores, exercise and cooking.  These were the things that I would need to do everyday without fail.  We used the list we developed as a baseline and I modified it a bit to fit our needs.  {I took yard work off the list since we don't have a yard...}

Well after some adjustment and moving, let me tell you, I have been done by 10:30 every day this week.  And while I am a far cry from a domestic goddess, I am here to say that:

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Especially before kids.  Especially while living in a dorm.  I am enjoying being self directed and successful.  I am going to relish this time because boy, I don't expect it to last.  I am pretty darn proud of myself.  I get to do fun things like digitize our CD collection, reorganize our filing system and stitch my husbands pants in my free time.

I think I'm going to start exploring around Chapel Hill a bit because I'm done for the day and I'm needing some museum time.  Maybe at 30 I am finally growing up.  Or.  Maybe it's because we don't have a TV and I haven't yet bought a bag of Doritos since returning to the US either way, this new gig is working out just fine.

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