September 14, 2010

loosing it, the camera edition...and a milk crisis...

There.  I said it out loud.  I am a bit upset about this.  I realized it was missing when we headed North on that holiday weekend.  It wasn't in the bag I put it in.  I figured it would be here when I got home.  It's not.  Drat.  The biggest surprise of this is that I'm not the one who is most upset by this turn of events.  Nope.  It's Phil.  He's disappointed.  He doesn't even use the camera.  (Unless it's to practice before he gets an official picture, but now, come on, who doesn't do that.)  I just don't get it.  Hopefully now that I have outed myself as the great camera looser of 2010 I will find that bugger again.  That's generally how it works.  I think St. Anthony reads my blog.

In other news I had a BIG MILK FAIL that I have to report. 

We drink whole milk at home.  If you have skim or 2% or Vitamin D or almond or soy and we're at your house, don't worry, we'll happily drink whatever you have.  But, in our house I buy whole milk because it's easier than buying whole for Phil, 2% for me and cream for my coffee.  {It was a good thing I made this switch pre-Japan because lowfat in Japan was 'kinda watery' I heard from LilSis and well, we all remember what I think of creap.} 

I always assumed that vitamin D milk was whole milk.  It used to be right?  I think it is sometimes, but I bought a gallon of vitamin D that was red and led me to believe it was whole, but it tasted kinda not so creamy.  I grabbed the jug and checked the label.  In teeny tiny letters it said: made with whole and skim milk products.  What the heck milk.

The next time I went to the store I noticed that all the non-organic milk was vitamin D, not whole, and it was all made with different levels of milk fat.  I wanted to cry.  Then, I turned my head and saw a sign that brought a smile to my face.  Underneath the case of Maple View Farm milk there was a sign explaining the $1.50 bottle deposit & how to exchange your bottles.  I had some MVF bottles from before we left for Japan (I am a bit of a pack rat...who does that? Store returnable bottles for 2 years & transport them cross country twice...sigh).  I did some quick math in my head and realized that the $2.99 per half gallon minus the bottle deposit meant that I could get local milk for the same price as a penny under the cheap stuff at Target.

I was ecstatic.  I was so happy that I told my mom & dad all about my new cheap local milk scheme on the 12 hour drive North.  I think they remembered why they don't drive anywhere with me at that point.  My dad, being the wise guy he is was skeptical that it was really that simple.  I might have in typical middle kid fashion brushed his wondering aside with a "No, there was a sign, it explained it!"

I should remember that he knows stuff.  Sure enough, the next week I went to the grocery store with my bottles, got my $3.00 bottle deposit back and picked up two half gallons of whole milk.  I even threw a pint of chocolate milk in the cart because it is really delicious and at $1.89 minus the deposit...that's basically free!  {Normal people would have thought, a pint of chocolate milk for $0.39, that does not compute...not me!}  I got to the register and my totals didn't quite compute.  I was about five dollars high on my total from my estimate.  {Does anyone else play that game?  See how close you can get to your total?  One of the reasons my husband does not come to the store is because he usually ends up within ten cents of the total and wins...the other reason is he likes to play another game in which he narrates the experience by counting down like I am a secret agent and have to get out of the store in order to save the world.  I usually forget lots of things and feel slightly shell shocked when he comes along.}

It turns out that the bottle deposit comes off the top.  It's in addition to the cost of the milk.  I feel kinda silly.  I suppose if I lived in a bottle deposit state I would know that.  But I don't.  Whoops.  But.  You know what?  I don't care.  I'm gonna buy the local whole milk because I like it.  It's the same price as questionable national brands of organic milk and I can go pet the cows if I want.  That means a lot to me.  The chocolate milk is made with milk, cocoa and sugar.  That means a lot to Phil.  And gosh darn it, the milk just tastes better.  If it didn't, I'd probably go back to the cheap stuff, but I just cannot get fussy about my MILK FAIL.  If ya hung with my to here I am impressed.  Lots of love from a full fat kinda girl.


Ellen said...

Just in case you needed another reason to love Maple View, one of my best friends and godmother of our child, her family own's the farm. More specifically her 70 something year old "Grampy". They also make their own ice cream (if you are into that:) )

Teresa said...

Oh Ellen, that is good news! I hope the house hunt was profitable and good luck on your next adventure over the mountains!

You know, Phil did say that the old standard was tasting a bit icy...and I need very little arm twisting when it comes to ice cream.


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