September 2, 2010

Our Newest Family Member

I woke up early this morning wondering, where is she? I thought she was coming yesterday. I double checked after I poured my first cup of coffee and sure enough, she made the long journey and arrived yesterday. All we had to do was go pick her up.

I asked the husband if we could take a short detour before he headed in this morning. He looked a little weary, but my excitement could not be contained and soon we were both peaking out the window to see if it was time to gather our newest addition.

Meet Kurumi:
 {no, we did not get a dog and are not expecting children}

Kurumi is the Japanese word for walnut, and being a 10 cup capacity machine, Kurumi is a bit like a giant white walnut shell on our counters.  She is a fuzzy logic rice cooker.  After less than two weeks using our old-style push-button electric rice cooker, it was decided that we just couldn't handle it any more.  No more gluey water all over the counter top.  No more over cooked rice at the bottom of the pan.  No more gloppy or undercooked rice.  No more labor intensive cleanup.  No, Kurumi will take care of it all.

Needless to say I am a wee bit over the moon.  I loved my Sanyo cooker in Japan and had thought about bringing one home with me.  This morning, I carried my new friend around the apartment with her trusty little handle.

{apparently I am a material girl, but hey, it's a material world}

I explained all of the accessories to a bemused spouse who really just wanted to eat his breakfast.  Afterall, this is not our first rice cooker.  He did take an interest in evaluating the rice paddle.  You see, we visited the world's largest rice paddle a few years ago, so we might be experts.

{one of the lesser known treasures of Miajima - The World's Largest Rice Paddle}

 {Kurumi getting acquainted with her new neighbor the fruit bowl.}

Now that the rice cooker has found a place in the kitchen, all that's left is to cook up some rice!  (But first I should decide...basmati, jasmine, Japanese, brown, or maybe I'll just set the timer so that we can have hot oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow...)

 {Look at that one, pouting in the corner.  Don't feel sorry for him, he has had at least 9 years of loving use.
And he has destroyed my cuticles on numerous occasions while I was cleaning him.  He's just looking for sympathy.}

So, I am sorry to say little push-button guy, but it is sayonara for you.  But don't worry.  I cleaned you up and plan to freecycle you to some lovely family around here who would prefer you to boiling their rice on the stove-top.

And now I must get to packing.  There is a family road trip in my future and a munchkin at the end of the line that I have been dying to meet!

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