September 14, 2010

...this is what I am trying to explain...

Sometimes when people ask us how to quantify our time in Japan we say that it was like being in a 'light' version of the military.  This is roundly confusing, because unless you've been part of the minority of the American population who has served or been a dependent of a service member, it is still a hard concept to grasp.  Then we give examples like morning calisthenics or the movement of professionals every three to ten years during the entirety of their career.  But.  It is still hard.  And then I stumble upon a video like this (via TOKYOMANGO) and I sit smiling through all nearly nine minutes nodding to myself and saying...yes...military light...

Just like All American Week, without the parachutes and brass band but still enjoyable.  Nothing warms my heart like watching a bunch of well dressed men march in formation. Of course I find a military tattoo is a little less confusing than a troupe of college students in suits marching in a gymnasium.  Don't give up at the beginning, it's a little slow going but things really get interesting just before the 2 minute mark.  I have to listen a bit more closely to discern what exactly they are doing, but aren't they just so darn organized!

I am still trying to answer my sister's query of what my favorite thing about Japan.  I just can't decide, but instances such as these that we dubbed "military light" come close.

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