September 10, 2010

reflections in a new moon

It's Friday night. I remember when Friday nights meant an evening with my parents and sisters watching TV. TGIF was the best thing around. Full House. Family Matters. Postponing homework until Sunday evening and taking a breather from the week's work was what Fridays signified. I know I must not be the only one. This Friday night doesn't feel so carefree, and it's not because teamCotey is TV-less.

IMG_1229, originally uploaded by beggs.

While we are blessed to be living a blissfully unburdened life, I have a feeling like these halcyon days are unique.  I am very grateful for the calm we have at this time.  Maybe it is because one is simply too old to live on a college campus at 30.  (Though judging by the gray I see in my neighbors' hair, maybe this isn't something I should worry about.)

I think it is an awareness that joy and sorrow often come intermingled, bittersweet. This waning summer season has brought quite a few unexpected blessings and losses into our universe. Not one of them our own, but all of them very real to our friends and family. Oh how I wish I were close enough to reach out and hug those friends and family members that are rejoicing in the lives of those they love and grieving in the loss of those same loved ones.

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