October 19, 2010

90 days

Tomorrow will be our 90th day in the USA.  It is really hard to believe that we have only been home for three months.

~  We still haven't run 10 miles without stopping.

{The night we made the 10 mile pledge.  We figured that we would in fact run around Lake Suwa before we came home.}

Three years after promising ourselves ipods upon completion, we have yet to meet this goal.  I am begining to think: A) I am not really that motivated by rewards B) I don't actually want an ipod C) I know I could run 10 miles with no walking, but I just don't want to and this is a perfectly rational place to be.  {The Mr. is also unmotivated by technology, he could have run the 10 miles that night...}

~ Bottled BBQ sauce is not AWESOME like we had fooled ourselves into believing over the last two years.  It's good, just not as earth shatteringly delicious as we once thought. 

~ Having a fullsized oven is the heat.

{It took me four months to test drive, but once I figured out how it worked...this baby saw a lot of action.}

While I whole heartedly appreciated the fact that we had an oven in Japan, I love the fact that we are back to the land of reasonably sized appliances.

~ I have no idea HOW to fill a standard sized American refrigerator.  I think this is okay considering there are only two of us.

~ The freezer on the other hand is chock full of meat.  I went a little crazy when I saw how inexpensive it is here.  I have banned myself from the butcher's until at least mid-November.  The Mr. is a bit concerned about saving room for his ice cream.

~ Just because we used to watch it on the internet in Japan and think it was hysterical, does not mean something was actually funny.  It means it was in English and we appreciated that at the time.

~ I miss my stovetop.

{Boiling is a thing of the past in these parts.  Be careful what you wish for.}

These are words I never thought I would say.  We had a two burner stove in Japan and while I often maligned it for its size and the challenge of cooking with two burners, I would trade my four safety burners for two gas ones in a heartbeat.

~ Our American {Korean} car is better than our Japanese car, it was not just a sneaking suspicion.  I always felt like I enjoyed riding along on the right of the vehicle more than the left, and, I do.  There's also a wee bit more space in the middle which allows for better hand holding on long drives.  I do get sad however when I realize that we will no longer have to watch for monkeys crossing the roads.

~ Apples in America make me miss Japanese apples.  There is nothing quite like the honey core of a Fuji from the mountains.  I also appreciate the way that American apples are not the size of a Chihuahua.  I enjoy being able to eat one on the go.

~ It is definitely warmer here.  This makes me very hopeful regarding my toes this winter.

~ There was dirt all over the floor of my kitchen on Saturday.  I was confused until I looked at my feet and realized that I no longer take my shoes off at the door.  Then I got out our broom.

~ It has also been 90 days since we have eaten out, gone out for a drink, bought a coffee or grabbed a bite of fast food.  We don't miss it.  Unless I am sick.  Then it is the hardest thing in the world.  Convenience.  I had forgotten about that.

~ I am very grateful that I have begun to filter background noise again.  For a while I was overwhelmed by the English.


Jessica {lovely jubbly london} said...

Funny how our perspectives and ideas change by living abroad isn't it? I miss so many American things but then when I'm home I think, what was so great about fill in the blank?!

P.S. I always complain about the size of most UK ovens but that oven looks more like a toaster oven- I can't even imagine!

Brooke said...

Oh friend....you are so wonderful. I love hearing about you and Phil...and your transitions back! I would love to hear even more!! Love you!

Teresa said...

@Jessica - that is as good as you get outside of a commercial kitchen in Japan. It's a convection/microwave/electric oven all wrapped into one. Large enough for a chicken, but not large enough for a Christmas ham. {It's about a third the size of a standard British oven.}

@Brooke - enjoy your wanderings with B, friend. That love is a two way street with a big hug in the middle :)


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