October 25, 2010

borrowed life lessons...

Just a little proof that Autumn is on its way.  I love living somewhere with four seasons.  I'm lucky and I know it, but I would be lying if I didn't confess to sweating while I took this picture.

In other news Julie has been inspired by Char to share some life lessons.  One place I always try to stop by as I meander across the interwebs is Moments of Perfect Clarity.  I stumbled upon her through an Apartment Therapy flickr find of her old kitchen.  I believe this woman knows how to discern.

Her perspective makes me want to write a goal list that looks like this:

1) to discern.

While I cannot agree with her theory on horses, I whole-heartedly embrace her shared life lessons.  I for one am looking forward to understanding what it is like to fly business class and might have thrown my hands in the air and let out a personal "yehaw" when she got to the books.

I don't have a long list of life lessons.  Only one or five:

~ Look up. Often.  The sky is ever changing.

~ Never confess to eating all of the nuts. {It is okay to eat all of the nuts.}

~ Acknowledging that you can't do it all is the more freeing than trying to do it all.

~ Not wanting is an amazing state.  Do what you can to get there.  If you are there, work hard to stay there.

~ Ponder the verbs you want associated with you and begin again.

Two life lessons from the man I share my life with.  I carry them with me.

~ Throw your head back when running.

~ If you find yourself doing the wrong thing.  Stop.  Then start doing the right thing.

Please play along.  I need some schoolin' in your life lessons.
{I blame me, my unnatural lack of balance, and my irrational fear of animals that could crush me if they fall on me on my disagreement regarding time spent with horses.  Horses are lovely, really.  They just make me panicky.}

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