October 5, 2010

for the love of Pete

This post is not about a guy named Pete.
It's about food and feet.

Sometimes I ignore it.  
Sometimes I just can't.
I think supertasters should have a support group.
Their spouses definitely should meet weekly and swap recipes.
If there is such a place, please tell me.

I want to know.  Who doesn't like celery?  I suppose I could understand if it was about the texture.  Those stringy bits that require immediate post-snack flossing are not my favorite either, but bitterness in celery?  Usually, I just eat the celery, knowing that it will always be in the fridge when I want it.  But, today, I dropped a few stalks into the pot roast.  I miss the flavor it lends and now I feel a bit nervous.  Not enough to go fish it out, but I'm crossing my fingers that there will be no mention of bitterness at the dinner table. 

If I stopped seasoning every time something was too bitter or the flavor tasted sour, there would be no rosemary, cumin, sage or bay in our meals.  My spice cabinet would hold salt and black pepper.  Salt, pepper and butter is one approach to flavor but I like a bit of depth.  As I have found with rosemary, it's a matter of dialing the amounts back.  Hopefully two stalks of celery will be a light enough note so that it doesn't leave an unpleasant+ taste, otherwise I will be teased for my dull and dead taste buds at the dinner table.

In other news, last Friday I experienced a moment of simultaneous agony and ecstasy.  I picked up my package from Country Choice Organics.  I entered a contest that asked what oats fueled in our lives.  Since we are die hard oatmeal and granola eaters, I submitted our Fuji climb.  We brought along instant oatmeal for breakfast in the car as we waited for parking & homemade granola for the trail.  I shared a few photos along with a cringe-worthy tag-line of "Oatmeal, it fuels our world travels."  Which, while true, is just pure cheese.  I took a quick gander at the other entries and assumed that was that.  So many cute families and clever product placement.  Nope.  I won.  I think it was the first time I have ever won something in my life.  And.  It is OATMEAL!  It's actually something we will use and love and eat and not have to buy!  Phil asked if it was for real, so I was a little nervous and super thrilled when the envelope arrived.  I am stoked because, well, we eat oatmeal, granola or muesli with minimal interruption year-round.

I am especially excited to get some steel cut oats & pop them into our rice cooker for a ready made breakfast as the days get cooler.  My folks swear by steel cut, and while they are yummy and delicious, I am not qualified to operate the stove top before my first cup of coffee.  If we get bored of the non-stop oatmeal insanity, they have cream filled cookies too.  If you get oatmeal for Christmas, know that I am giving you the gift of lower cholesterol and higher fiber.

So, as I was picking up my oatmeal swag (ecstasy) my flip flops broke (agony).  The leather just up and detached itself from the rubber.  I need to get me to a glue shop and fix these babies.  My last pair of flip flops went similarly while in Japan, but they were at least six years old.  I had to special order these babies cheap and get them delivered to me via PapaPost since lady shoes were sold in tiny and even more tiny, not in big foot.  One year of wear is just not good enough value.  Even if I am married to a man who likes to step on the backs of my shoes. 

 There you have it.  
My husband is not a fan of the taste of celery.
We will be eating free oatmeal for a year.
My feet are shod and feeling a bit stuffy.
Happy Tuesday.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Can you believe - I've never had steel cut oats? Is it true that you can make 'em in the rice cooker? Tell me more...

And hey - congrats!!! :)

Teresa said...

I believe it. They're kind of pricey if you don't buy 'em bulk & they take a bit longer to cook.

I've only had steel cut oats prepared by my dad on the stove top, but I believe in the power of the rice cooker (I am too lazy to stir anything on the stove).

Promise to report back.


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