October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well, it's eleven o'clock on All Hallow's Eve and we're in our jammies and ready to bid this night adieu.  Our first trick-or-treaters came around 4 and the stream stayed steady until a little after 7:30 - bath and bedtime in our 'hood.

I handled door duty while the Mr. took charge of the pumpkin carving.  All of the pumpkin seeds were cleaned, tossed in olive oil & kosher salt, roasted and consumed before our jack was a lantern.  Now our jack-o-lantern has been extinguished and has retired to the fridge where he will await his morning date with the oven.  I for one am looking forward to tasting the pie that he will become.

Though we have been married for nearly five years the Mr. spent our first two Halloweens in Iraq and our second two were in Japan, so this was our first American Halloween.  {I was pleased to hear that one of my favorite students continued the annual dark-of-night pumpkin swiping for her teachers in Japan though - some traditions must live on!}

We were quite nervous about making the grade at home.  I initially thought Hershey's Kisses were good candy, but was swayed to buy some reserves.  I learned that two bags of candy was indeed too few, but fourteen was a bit excessive.  Our neighborhood's toddlers are very polite and I only made one ballerina cry, and in fairness I think she was just tired.

All in all we had an excellent first Halloween.  And.  Tomorrow brings one of my favorite days, a new dawn to the best month of the year!  {But I might be biased.}
This post is linked up with You Capture hosted by Beth on her blog You Should be Folding Laundry.  Hope you had a good one!

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