October 20, 2010

Hide Rosemary, Hide!

Shhh!  Be quite.  I've taken your label off and put you in a mason jar.  Now just keep quiet and let me stash you in the back of the spice cabinet.  Otherwise you will go the way of my dear friend celery.  I won't toss you and I will do my best to defend you, but only time will tell.  My only advice is to hide until you are well and truly forgotten.  Then and only then will it be safe for me to season with you once more.  I promise to guard you, unlike the can of cream of celery soup that somehow crept to the front of the cupboard when I wasn't looking.  That can caused much anxiety for the Mr. and ended up in the State Fair bag as a bonus donation as a part of the truce negotiations.  There is a seasoning war being waged in my kitchen and right now salt & pepper are winning.

{it took us 3 visits to finally locate this temple, good thing  LilSis brought her walkin' shoes @ Kiyomizudera}

Last night as we were falling asleep the funniest thing happened.  The Mr. turned, looked me in the eyes and said:  "What happened to the spinach?"  I started to laugh.  I didn't cook the spinach because he hadn't seemed that jazzed about it when I mentioned it.  He had spent the rest of the day psyching himself up for the spinach.  I just steamed some corn instead of dealing with the lingering bitterness of dark greens on his tongue.  Our dinner was pale shades of paleness.  It was kind of sad.  From white to tan to pale yellow.

{penny for your thoughts? @ the Kinkakuji}

Now that I think about it, everything I ate yesterday was beige or pink.  Nut bread with cream cheese a few strawberries and coffee with milk for breakfast.  Nut bread and cream cheese for lunch.  {Don't judge.  My mom's nut bread is just that good.}  Kettle corn for a post workout snack followed by strawberry whey protein and tropical Gatorade.  Then the beige dinner with a Coors Light.

{oh flip-flops how I miss thee! @ Fushimi Inari}

That is sad.  I think I'm only going to eat brightly colored things today to counter balance this blandness.  Or in the words of my girlfriend - WHERE ARE THE VEGGIES?
PS - I went to yoga after a week break and I feel like I got hit by a truck.
PPS - I am begining to wonder if my soreness is tied to my diet yesterday.
PPPS - These photos are from when LilSis visited Japan.  I neglected to share their awesomeness then.
PPPPS - I am missing Japan today.
PPPPPS - I have to go dye some pants & am a wee bit nervous, hence the procrastination.

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