October 12, 2010

our week in numbers...Tuesday edition...

{One} kitchen towel has been ignited by the broiler this week.  Don't ask.

{Two} of us know where the Halloween candy is hiding.  It has, as of yet, remained untouched.  I am a terrible secret keeper.  Within ten minutes of the Mr. walking in the door I was spilling the beans.

{Three} doors were unlocked this morning when we got to the car.  Both of us are shocked that my clam puppet had not been stolen out of the backseat.

{Four} highly entertaining football games were watched this weekend.  All of them had bizarre levels of penalties.  College ball: South Carolina v Bama, LSU v Florida.  Pro ball: Titans v Cowboys, Vikings v Jets.

{Five} the number of ball games actually watched.  As a tried and true BC girl, I watched in sadness as Tom O'Brien routed the Screaming Eagles.  Just how many true freshman are starting on our team?

{Six} cereal bowls in our possession.  All of them the same size, none of them a perfect match and all of them were in the dishwasher last night.  I'm glad I remembered to flip the switch.  I hate eating breakfast out of our ice cream bowls it just feels wrong.

{Seven} days a week I wake up and make the bed.  I think it's my favorite habit.  What's your favorite chore?

{Eight} cans of food sitting by our door with the reminder "State Fair 10/21" taped to them.  We're {should be read I'm} SUPER excited about the NC State Fair coming up on Wednesday.  After a two year drought, this girl can't wait to pan for gems, tour the livestock, ride the rides on the Midway and win herself a goldfish.

{Nine} mix tapes from my teenage years found in my closet at my folks house that we now get to rock out to on our adventures.  Let me tell you, listening to moody girl music circa 1995 is way better than the radio.

{Ten} A.M. is the time I have to bid the Mr. adieu on Tuesdays.  I was sad until I realized that I would be seeing him this evening.


Jeanette said...

I was at the NC State Boston College game. We went to the annual meet the players event this year and being a huge Falcons fan, I spoke with Coach O'Brien about his former quarterback, Matt Ryan. He was a really cool guy, very friendly and funny.

Teresa said...

That's funny Jeanette! TO'B is an excellent coach and I loved him all of his years at BC...I suppose at some point I should forgive him for moving on.

I'm glad that you guys chatted about Matt. Talk about an excellent QB. My favorite of the BC QBs under O'Brien was Matt Hasselbeck and I have become quite a Seahawks fan these last few years!


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