October 11, 2010

out of milk

Last night, this dear man made me a cup of tea.

{Two weekends ago we went for a spin in a canoe.  I saw a rather large tortoise floating in the water and insisted we check it out.  Once we got close enough I freaked out because it was in fact a dead tortoise floating in the water (I was hoping it was just sleeping).  This is the face Phil makes when that happens.  He is really patient.  He made this face at me last night too.}

We were watching Wallander on PBS and had decided we would have a cup of tea and evaluate the watch-ability of the program before popping our Sunday Night popcorn.  That's right.  We live on the wild side.  We without fail spend our Sunday nights tuned into Mystery with a big ole Tupperware bowl of air-popped popcorn.

{image by Zanastradust}

But, that's not the point.  Popcorn has very little to do with milk.  I was milling around in the kitchen and husband was pouring milk into our mugs when I noticed his elbow going awfully high into the air.  I looked at him.  He looked at me.  He made a face similar to the one above.  We both turned our gazes to the final drop of milk making its way out of the jug into the tea.  Tragedy was striking and try as we might, there was no way to put the milk back in that jug.

We looked at each other and waited for the caterwauling to begin.  Well, Phil was waiting for me to start and I was weighing whether it was really worth fussing about.  I was indecisive for just a little too long and the two of us busted out laughing instead.

{me before coffee.  original image by Monika Thorpe}

When you have a coffee with milk addict in the house, running out of milk at night is a scary place.  Maybe not for you, but apparently so if I am the addict.  That is just silly.  Number one: you can buy milk at 9pm on a Sunday if ya really can't handle coffee without milk or a morning without coffee.  Number Two: I know its addicting but its caffeine, not crack.

In an effort to appreciate how blessed we are right now, the pair of us have been trying to let go of minor gripes and let those little things really not matter.  This was my first big test of letting it go.  We realized it in that moment.  Phil handed me my tea, I decided Wallander was good enough and started the butter melting on the stove and we moved on.  Our verdict on the series is that the cinematography is pretty grey, which while fitting with the genre, is highly disconcerting to us.  However, the series is well written and Kenneth Branagh is excellent.

 {Even Wallander likes his coffee...via here}

And so was the tea for two.

{image by yoppy}

This morning I was a bit foggy and I chose to hang around in the sheets a few minutes longer than usual.  I started to say I was running late because of the lack of coffee.  You know, peppering the morning with guilt.  Then, before those sour words popped out, I just closed my trap.  I sped myself up, left the dishes in the sink and headed to the store after dropping the Mr. off at work.

I got my milk and our Halloween candy {clearly I was not so caffeine fogged that I couldn't plan ahead}.  I also picked up some free non-dairy creamer for emergencies thanks to a sale and a killer coupon.  No point in eschewing safeguards while learning to practice patience.

ps - The Halloween candy is hidden in the coat closet.  Please remind me on October 30th.  If the Mr. doesn't see it, he won't be tempted.  If the Mr. doesn't know about it, I won't touch it because that wouldn't be fair.  We have to take precautions, otherwise it would be gone by Friday.

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