October 29, 2010

a pumpkin patch?

On Sunday Phil and I decided it was time to get our pumpkin.  We carved pumpkins last year at English camp and had a blast and so decided we would do so again, with a twist.  After we carved it - we'd bake it & make a pumpkin pie.

We were EXCITED!  Then when we got to the pumpkin patch we realized we accidentally drove to the corn maze.  {We had been researching both with plans to combine the adventures...but the one we chose had the saddest assortment of 7 pumpkins on a pallet.  Sorry, you should not call yourself a pumpkin patch, I don't care how big your corn maze is.}

Phil told me the whole point to a corn maze is that you're supposed to guess what you're walking through.  Then.  The lady showed us an areal photo.  We were crushed.  Seriously. 

The first few minutes were full of dispair. 

The objective of this maze was to find eight different secret points & hole punch a lottery ticket.  Once you punched all of the holes you got to pat yourself on the back and say "Good job me!".

I needed some tugging and pulling since the whole thing seemed a bit futile.  I rallied once we found our first point.  I had decided to follow a family around.  They had a 3 year old and an infant.  They were way more corn maze talented than teamCotey.  After our third appearance at a hole punch right behind them, Phil decided we were being creepy followers and so we branched out on our own.

We did alright for quite some time - four unassisted hole punches in a little over an hour.  Then we hit a dry spell.

Thirty minutes later and we were still missing magical number 5.  I was beginning to wonder if we should set up a tent and prepare for a long stay in this farmer's twelve acre maze. 

We had to try something new - so we did what any reasonable thirty year-olds would do.  We started swapping cooridnates with kids. 

Shockingly the elementary aged assistants kept directing us to #4 and #6.  Apparently they hadn't quite remembered #5. 

I stopped and slowly scanned the field, searching for a marker.  I was hot and thirsty and beginning to dwell on the fact that we would not be picking our pumpkin from a pumpkin patch that day. 

I was also a little embarrassed that I had not actually spotted ANY of the hole punches.

Then I saw it - through several rows of corn with no path in sight.  I had NO IDEA how to get to it - but the stalks surrounding this secret hiding place were looking a little thin.  So we did what any self respecting grown-up would do.  {and trust me - there were plenty who were doing way worse - sword fighting with stalks, picking ears of corn & throwing them like grenades, eating the corn...}

We busted through.  Got our holes punched and hipped and hoorayed for the whole farm to hear.  I promise we waited til no one was near and snuck like ninjas not distrubing any of the stalks.  But boy did we cheat.  Big time.

And when we pat each others backs for a job well done, it felt just as good as if we had done it without crawling through the corn.

Happy Autumn from a pair of pumpkinless sneaky cheaters.

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Angie Ochoa said...

Love the photos. I'm afraid I would have done the same thing, in your shoes! Corn mazes make me feel slightly claustrophobic!

Renegades said...

Love the story to go along with the photos!

shellycoulter said...

Fun pictures! :)

Teresa said...

Such supportive words!

I appreciate your encouragement. I took too long a break from You Capture. It feels good to be back.

Thank you for coming by and having a look-see around my world.


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