October 28, 2010

searching for peace in my soles

I have been doing a lot of reflecting on wants and needs as of late.  When I'm not rushing around meeting other folks expectations these are the things upon which my mind rests.  This is where I am with my feet. 

I currently have three footwear options, an old pair of Adidas slides, a pair of baby blue mary janes that match a limited portion of my wardrobe and three pairs of sneakers.  {I have decided to loop my sneakers into one class, though in fairness that makes five pairs of shoes.}

And so I need some shoes.  Well, I don't need them.  I have five functional pairs of shoes.  Oh wait.  Six.  My galoshes.  I don't know if I should count them and my house shoes as part of the total count.

But.  I want a pair.  You know.  A pair that would look age appropriate for a thirty year old.  Wants and needs.  That's where I am.

The limiting factors of my ability to fulfill this need/want hybrid:
  •  The number of shoes that are available in a 9.5 or 10 that don't look geriatric are limited
  •  The number of shoes that are available in my size that don't look geriatric or like something Janis Joplin would wear are even more limited.
  •  I will not wear shoes that are not comfortable.
  •  I prefer flats to heals.  I just don't feel compelled to be any taller than I am already.
My absolute requirement that they be good for my soles {and toes and knees and hips} really trends my options towards the geriatric or Janis Joplin end of the spectrum.  I have nothing against old lady shoes, I mean one day I will be there - but I a striving for age appropriateness here.  I am also not opposed to hippy shoes, I am recognizing that our lifestyle choices have pushed us right over that crunchy cliff and we are loving where we are.  It's just that none of my clothes are particularly bohemian and, well, I am aiming to match a bit here in my third decade.

And now, here I am, having weaned myself down to five {or six} pairs of footwear, content in the waiting, but reminding myself that someday soon I will have to invest in a pair of big girl shoes and grow up.  But today is not that day.


Ellen said...

Oh my friend, I feel your pain - though in a size 11 or 11.5 and I too want comfort but not geriatric. I have come to find some peace with my Dansko clogs, which are both comfortable, relatively flat, and somewhat stylish? They are an investment, but every pair I have had has been worn day in and day out for 5 + years before seeing their demise. Good luck on the hunt!

Teresa said...

Danskos are v. comfy - that's what the MJs are. I'm impressed with the way they have expanded their line - I hear the sandals are also dreamy. Now it's just finding a pair that is not an unusual color in my size.

Have you ever noticed, all that's left in average-->large sizes are the blue, green, violet and red shoes?

It's like they make a million in size six and three in 9 and above.


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