October 13, 2010

a strange anniversary of sorts

It's an unlikely day to celebrate, but one worth noting in our book.  It has been two years since we committed to a single car kind of life.

{our first solo car as a single car family carried us across Japan}

It was an easy choice in Japan.  Our contracts mandated that we not drive to work.  A subtle form of discrimination that we tolerated well on crisp autumn days and bemoaned the majority of the year when it was raining, snowing, bitterly cold, icy or intolerably hot.  While I didn't appreciate the prejudice, I did appreciate the life lesson.  There are many situations when a car is simply a convenience, often a crutch and even a burden.

{entertaining ourselves in an early morning Mt. Fuji traffic jam}

To be honest, we never thought we'd be here.  We assumed life in the US would mandate a return to a dual car relationship.  In July we'd be a car and a truck family starting our journey of home-ownership and needing our little truck and our little car for all of our various adventures.  And then.  Something magical happened.  If you can call my forgetting to renew my license magical.

{truly surprising that I could let my license lapse to those of you who know me...I know}

There we were.  Stranded in Colorado horribly JET-lagged {in more ways than one} with two cars and one driver.  We did the sane thing and ditched the truck.  We drove our dear sweet baby back across the country and wondered how we would manage locating another vehicle and the gift of choice fell into our laps.  Sedan or truck, our choice.  How simple.  We deferred the decision until we found housing.

{so we stuck by old faithful and drove her home}

We started looking for homes and planning commutes.  We had our eyes opened to the reality of an overcrowded town with fewer homes than residents, more college students than squirrels and a rabbit warren of roads that made me miss Japan.  We decided to live on campus.  One parking spot per apartment.  And the decision was made for us.  We passed on both the car and the truck and decided to remain a single car family.  It's how we roll...at least for the next three years.

The Mr. has less than a mile commute.  We live in a town with free and profuse public transportation and well, we have two years of experience when it comes to coordinating a one car kind of life.  Besides, I like being the passenger and he likes being the driver.  It is working out admirably.

{and its eco...snicker}

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