September 30, 2010

Thanks for the jacket Mom & Dad

I got soaked this mornin'.
I suppose it was my own fault. 

I have had the same winter coat/rain jacket since 1996.  I got it for my birthday when I was a senior in high school.  I don't think I was particularly grateful then, so I just wanted to say thanks.

This coat just works too darn well.  Every-time I consider buying a light weight rain jacket or another winter coat, my old faithful friend stops me in my tracks.  It took me through many rainy days every day I lived in Ireland without leaking a drop.  It survived two years of walking & biking to work in all forms of inclement weather in Japan.  {Though I did take a personal day when the Vice-Principal called and said teachers had to report to work during Typhoon Melor.}  It even kept me warm on the top of Fuji.

This morning as we were heading in to drop Phil off he asked me when I got my jacket.  I kinda looked at him funny.  1996.  A conversation then ensued about how I cannot justify parting with this 14 year old jacket.  It fits, the elastic is good.  It keeps me warm.  It's still waterproof...

Then I walked home from the garage in one of those moments of downpour we have been having around here this week.  In fairness I took the bus two miles and only walked a mile.  I was feeling a wee bit moist inside my jacket...even with the vents open.  Sure enough when I got home two things happened.  The rain stopped and I realized I had forgotten to zip the front.  Apparently using the snaps is not enough.  If only the wearer was as reliable as the jacket.

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