October 26, 2010

tuesday evening miscellany

1.  I cannot believe I spelled miscellany correctly on the first go.  Kudos to me.

2.  The scholar is still studying hence the post at 6:30, which is generally known as the time my belly would like to be fed.

3.  The missing spouse was found.  But there has been a fraud report and ANOTHER trespassing arrest.

4.  A week or so ago it was noticed that one of the panels on my man's chinos were...a different color than the other three leg panels.
{psst...this picture was borrowed from here and doctored to represent the problem by moi}

I mean, they were all khaki, but in the shade on a sunny day or under florescent lighting you could see that his pants were one quarter whiteish khaki and three-quarters yellowish khaki.  I just grabbed my receipt & brought the pants into the store I bought them at.  I was afraid they wouldn't see it, instead they asked if the moment of discovery was embarrassing and giggled.  I exchanged the pants for an exact duplicate - with all of the panels being what looked like uniform khaki.

{demonstrating my enthusiasm...ignore the widows peak bald spot peaking out from my bangs}

5.  I am fascinated by smutty corn and I blame Gourmet podcasts.  This weekend I had the opportunity to see some corn affected by corn smut up close and personal and I tell you what.  I just feel like learning how to make huitlacoche and then heading back to that guy's farm and swiping some smutty corn.
ps - The Mr. called.  He's hungry.  Gotta get cooking :)

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