October 25, 2010

we might not do matasuri but boy do we do fairs

 As a way of introduction in Japan, my students would ask:
"What is your favorite festival?"
When we left in the middle of the matasuri season folks would ask us if we were going to miss the festivals.
I would always remind myself that coming home meant we could go to the State Fair.

I don't think I have been since high school.
I used to volunteer making cotton candy with the Kiwanis as a part of Key Club.
Nothing beats free admission and a belly ache from tasting the merchandise.
My memories are golden, especially of the double Ferris Wheel.
I wondered about the World's Smallest Horse, but I never paid my 50 cents to see.

And so.  In honor of our return home.
In honor of the two years of saying:
"The NC State Fair" as my answer to the favorite festival question - we went.

Well.  Apparently the big news is that this year it broke all attendance records.
One million visitors.
Who knew?

I coulda' told ya that there were a lot of folks there on Thursday.
I just figured it was the allure of free entry with four cans.
That's what got us there.
That and two years of pledged allegiance.

My favorite parts of the fair are definitely agricultural.
I went to see the produce three different times.
I think Phil is concerned about my love affair with sweet potatoes.

I am a little concerned with his watermelon fascination.
He kept asking me if we could grow some next summer.
I suppose that growing a few would offset his daily consumption habit in the summer months.
One a day.

Some of the watermelons weren't there.  
They weren't feeling well.  
One of us felt sad for them.  
I turned my nose up and proclaimed the whole thing rotten.
Then we had a moment of silence for all of the uneaten produce.
Especially the watermelons.
We counted on our fingers how many months until next watermelon season.

We spent a good bit of time with the livestock.  
We pondered what made the grand champion pig worth $12,500.00 to Harris Teeter when the number two hog was only worth $4000.00 to Neese's.  
Any ideas?  
All of the other livestock winners were about double the second place's sale price.  
We must have spent ten minutes just thinking.
My mind wandered a bit, I decided meat goats are the prettiest animals around.
Then Phil turned to me and with a straight face asked me to buy our bacon at Harris Teeter.

We checked out the pies and cakes and cookies.  
That went well.  
Until we started counting the flies.  
By Thursday most of the baked goods had seen better days.

We also blew through the N.C. Agriculture tent a few times.  
Free samples & Christmas Tree tips as well as sodas for $1.25.
The vending machines had them for $2.00.

We checked out the three Ferris Wheels.
We chose the white one.

I was kinda bummed that there wasn't a double-decker.
We got on and I got scared.
This whole afraid of heights thing is really lame.

Even Phil thinks so.
He proves it by squinting at me.
Good thing it lasted less than a minute.
To bad the ride was even shorter!
Just as I was over my wobbly stomach we were deposited on the ground.

Phil grabbed my hand and pulled me to see the stunt show.
I had never seen a dirt bike get jumped in real life.
I am pretty sure it's dangerous.
Apparently boys LOVE this kind of stuff.
I have to say, it's pretty fun to watch.
I wonder if the riders moms watch them.
I'm not sure I could if I were their momma.
Now I feel a growing urge to go to a Monster Truck show.
Don't tell the Mr., I think he might just take me.

All in all we determined that the State Fair is a great place for kids.
Oh to be aged eight to fourteen and be a member of 4H.
Next year I think I'm gonna enter a pie.

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cdogzilla said...

I like the picture of the midway from, I assume, the ferris wheel. :)


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