November 12, 2010

31: A Birthday Plea for Wishes

A few mornings ago my main squeeze asked me what I would wish for on my birthday.  I told him that I was not a big believer in birthday wishes because mine had never come true.  For too many years I shut my eyes tight and wished for the same two things: be born yesterday and for a rainbow bright doll...

I stopped wishing around the age that I realized that there was no changing the day of my birth.  Rainbow Bright had long ceased to be something I wanted, but I had kept on wishing for her out of habit.  I think I was fifteen.

Until Phil asked, I had never told a soul what flashed through my mind the moment before I blew out my candles.  I blame some latent childhood fear that it wouldn’t come true, though it has now been suggested to me that the secrecy surrounding my wishing is exactly why I never did get that doll.

I have never seen my husband laugh so hard.  I am still not sure what he was laughing at.   Was it the mental picture of a fifteen year old me wishing for a Rainbow Bright doll just to see if I would finally get one?   Or was it the realization that he married someone who at one point in her life believed she could wish a new birth date true?  
You decide.

Today I’m beginning a new tradition.  I’m still wishing for two things, one fanciful and one practical.  This time around I’m going to share – I figure there is more chance they’ll come true that way.

I wish
 for peace
While bravery and courage are valuable, it would be wrong of me to take them for granted.  I wish for the day to come when those who feel called to serve are not needed, when the suffering caused by war is a distant and faded memory.

I wish
 for adventure
I hope that during the course of this year that we find the space and time to explore a part of the globe that we haven’t been.  Sometimes I think I am like the bear who went over the mountain.  I like to see what I can see. 

I want you to join me.  It’s my party and all that jazz.    
So tell me - What are two things you wish for today?


Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

This is such a great post and invite.

I wish/pray for continuous big dreaming and for joy unspeakable!

Jeanette said...

Happy belated birthday!


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