November 4, 2010


I found that answering the logical question "Why are you doing this?" would often involve my inventing of excuses.  No matter how I tried to stop myself, that’s what would happen.  I stopped talking about it and just let Phil field the questions.

I don't think I expected people to ask.  Our contemporary dependence on the food service industry is not historic.  We weren't choosing something that was outside the realm of normal when we were kids.

When I decided to start sharing about our choice here, I knew that I would have to satisfy myself.  I wrote a list of sentences.  All of them started with “Because...”  Before I realized it I had a list of thirty-seven reasons. 

Not all of them were authentic answers.  In fact most of them were not.  Some of them were tongue and cheek.  The vast majority of my ‘because…’ statements reminded me of justifications.  That list will remain for my eyes only, a reminder of the power of editing. 

Instead of throwing that list away and making something up {which I have been known to do} I checked in with the Mr. over our bowls of oatmeal and asked for some advice.  That’s when he reminded me of our original answer to why.  It was there on the list.  So I brought it out and tried to explain a bit.

Today I promised to tell you about my personal answer to the question why.

Because I don’t trust myself.
While we were in Japan I lost a quarter of myself.  I really don’t miss it. 

I want to try eating in for a year because I don’t feel ready to participate in what is the food culture of this country.

Because it’s my job.
One of the areas that I focus my energy upon is the feeding of us.  If I could rely upon grabbing subs when we are busy, or heading out for Mexican on a Tuesday, let me tell you, I would.  If it was okay for Philip to buy his lunch, he would.   Without this commitment to change, I would stop at a coffee shop on the way home every morning instead of making a pot at home.

I want to choose eating in for a year because sourcing, preparing and presenting meals are all parts of my life at home. 

Now that I have put the why behind us, come back later and learn about "the rude awakening" and the rules.

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Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Can I just tell you how much I love this? Love it!


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