November 4, 2010

a bit of us, the rude awakening and the rules...

Okay.  Before I get myself all twisted around I want to take a little time out to share a bit of us with you all.

A grayscale kind of life
{image by me circa March 2002 - a reminder of those shades of gray.}

Our world is very much a spectrum of gray.  It's one of those things that brought us together.  We bump along not worrying too much about absolutes, about the blacks and whites, because we’ve noticed they are rare.  If in our life we do find ourselves faced with a clear-cut choice, a black or white problem, we shrug our shoulders and choose.  And then we don’t really worry about it.  We don’t really mind what you choose for your clear-cut choices, after all, it’s your life.  We assume that for the vast majority of the time we should just live and let live.

I should make clear that we have been blessed with the gift of food security and we have no allergies – all issues relating to food and us fit firmly within the shades of gray.  I understand that this is not always the case when nutrition, religion, moral conviction, allergies or eating disorders are concerned.

The Rude Awakening
In fairness there was nothing as dramatic as an actual rude awakening, sometimes I just like being a bit dramatic.  

There was a discreet moment of awareness that this wasn’t necessarily a simple choice in the eyes of our peers.  We made this in our bubble, without consultation, as families are prone to do.  It was sort of like deciding to give up TV or to commit to a weekly date night, to lend a bit of perspective.

The person we told first was our neighbor.  We were profoundly surprised by his reaction to our idea.  The first thing he did was ask us a question.  “What about the prepared meals at the grocery store? Do they count as eating out?”

We looked at each other, pie-eyed.  We hadn’t thought of that.  I’m pretty sure Phil said as much in attempting to answer his query.  And our friend chuckled and wished us luck.

We realized that there might be a need for some kind of definition…

the rules
And so we arrive at the rules.  Without exception, when we tell folks about our choice, the immediate response is somehow related to the parameters – the rules – the boundaries.  This is probably the hardest part of our choice.  Because.  We didn't think of that in advance.

Well, we've decided to address the rules.  Phil declared “This is not one of those things to be legalistic about.”

Considering his current choice of school, I think I'll listen to him.

There are no rules.   

Rules for us are about the definition of black and white and rules just don’t work when you're thinking about something that is firmly gray.   

Our choice to eat in for a year is just that – a choice.  It is a decision, a goal, a benchmark, an adventure, an experiment, a challenge.  It certainly isn't the law.

And now dear friends I must scoot.  Tomorrow I’m a wee bit busy but I hope to share something a bit more exciting than these four days of inadequate philosophizing.  Thanks for hanging around.

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