November 30, 2010

confusion reigns when we watch TV

Have you seen this?

And I know, I know, this is an AD FREE BLOG...but really, I'm not trying to sell ya something or even promote it.  It's sooo not about the Snickers.  {No really, we're not fans...hello sugar ~ one bite each and its a whole lot of toothache...}  It's about the ARETHA.

A few nights ago we were nestled upon the couch and this came across the television. We were some confused Coteys.

ME: "Is that Aretha Franklin?"

PHIL: "Yeah, she looks good!"

IN UNISION: "What is she doing in a beat up volvo with a bunch of dudes?"

PHIL: "Dunno, don't care.  Isn't she sort of complainy? R-E-S-P-E-C-T!"

~insert mini couch dance/sing along~

ME: "Waahhh? And that dude is now Liza Minelli!?!"

PHIL: "Oh...they mean like you're a diva when you're hungry.."

ME: "And here I was wondering why they got to take road trips with Aretha."

PHIL: "I was wondering what Aretha had to do with snickers..."

~cue laughter~

Man I love me some Aretha.  Happy Tuesday evening from me to you.

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