November 18, 2010

giving it all away

Yesterday was a day that really challenged me.  As I was driving down the road a thought popped into my head that I really wasn’t expecting on the way to the library.

“I wish I were rich.”
Umm. What?  Where did that come from?   
I was kind of confused as to where my mind was going.   
Until the second sentence came.

“Just so I could give it all away.”

To give extravagantly - that is what I want most while I am upon this earth. 
The first person who articulated this desire to me was Phil Mathis and it has laid claim to my heart.

As we draw closer to Christmas and the discussions in the line at the Post Office drift to which Black Friday sales will be the best I want to try to cling to the act of giving.  I am not alone.
I have friends who have embarked and are departing soon on their own journeys this autumn.
I know of a fellow tarheel far from home who gives comfort through awesome acts of devotion.
I am in awe of women who work with young girls starting again in the cradle of protection
And a woman seeking to furnish the home of a family she knows.

I cannot stop thinking about Robbie's words on Offering Holiday Support to Unemployed Loved Ones over at Life as Mom.

I am realizing that my first thought was wrong.  I don’t wish I were rich.  But I do desire to give it all away to someone who needs it more than I.  And my heart is lifted when I realize how many people I know are practicing extravagant giving.

How do you give?  Who do you know that inspires you to give more?


Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

I knpw what you mean. You have such a big heart. Do know, that your words are rich and every time you blog you're giving them away. Thank you.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing our story, Teresa.

I've always wished that I could have a JOB where all I would do is find people with needs and then surprise them by meeting them.

That dream is partly coming true b/c we hope to do something very similar in our upcoming Give Every Day journey. Can't wait. :)


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