November 30, 2010

me and my fat eye

This morning when I woke opening my eyes was a bit more complicated than usual.  The right one opened and the left one stayed closed.  Great.  I extracted my contacts and threw my glasses on.  There was much debate as to whether an eye patch would be needed over the breakfast table.

There doesn't seem to be any problem with my actual eye.  But I seem to have given it a fat lid.  Bowman Gray is partially to blame.  Yesterday I went for a swim that rapidly turned into a comedy of errors.  It was only determination to beat the odds that kept me in the pool for the mile.  It seems that the odds got me in the end, since there is nothing quite like 40 minutes with goggles smashed to your eyes to irritate a bruised lid.

Instead of going for a swim this afternoon, I'm going to the Ackland to see what I can see.  And to register for this:

What do you do to bring yourself peace during the busy times of this season?

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