November 9, 2010


You challenged me to hold my breath and sometimes let me win. 
You hold my hand and coax me to inhale deep when I am full of fear.
You exhale with me helping me understand that everything will be okay.
You taught me to throw my head back, open my lungs and run.
You encouraged me to breathe underwater and discover another world that I love.
You help me fall asleep by matching the rise and fall of my chest with your own.

In so many ways, living with you has been a lesson in the appreciation of breathing.
And yet, you are what takes my breath away, every day.
Thank you.
Inspired to share a bit of my wonder at the depth of my love by Emily@Chatting at the Sky who hosts Tuesdays Unwrapped.  This week she posed the question "Do you have someone who reminds you to breathe?"  Please feel welcome to check it out and link along.

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