November 23, 2010

no, I'm not making the granola...

And other realizations of how I was about to completely miss the point this Thanksgiving.

This season of holidays has always been one of my favorites and one of the hardest for me.  Family, food and thanksgiving all colliding together as the world darkens and the light grows dim.  All I ever want is to feel cozy and warm and home.

While I have been on this earth for more than three decades, this Thanksgiving feels full of firsts.  I suppose that is because it is the first in five years that my family will be together to celebrate.  It has been two years since we have celebrated at all.

And boy was I going to celebrate:
Wednesday would be devoted to the baking of pies as a pair.
Homemade granola for next week's breakfasts and to share would be made.
The November accounts would get reconciled and tied up with a nice little bow.
I would trim my bangs and give the husband a holiday haircut.
Overnight bags would be packed and placed by the door.

And then I remembered that this is not what Thanksgiving is about.  One of us has class on Wednesday and three pies for a family of eight is more than enough.  Granola is great, but fully superfluous.  The dozen hard-boiled eggs, pistachios and other assorted random kitchen items coming to Thanksgiving are already pushing the envelope of normalcy.  {Nothing says Thanksgiving like impromptu deviled egg making...right?}  November reconciliation can wait for Monday and our family will still love us if we're peering out from underneath our manes.  The overnight bags will be packed or they won't and it won't matter a bit.  I'm just glad I caught myself before the festivities began.

Instead I'm calling an end to the prep.  Thanksgiving has officially begun and I am thankful that I get to feel cozy and warm and home this year.

It's not the granola that makes that possible.
 I have linked this post up with Tuesdays Unwrapped.  Emily, who writes Chatting at the Sky is hosting one final link up of this nearly two year series.  I am grateful for the space to reflect and share that her weekly invitation has given.

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patty said...

how liberating!!
i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!


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