November 17, 2010

on breakfasting...

This week in my update on our year of eating in I am going to share one of the most unanticipated changes to our routine.
We eat breakfast together every day.

When we first married, we had separate breakfast routines.

I am pretty sure that Phil ate breakfast daily.  I don’t really know though, because I never made it.  It was provided by the Army or IHOP or Waffle House.

I would generally forgo morning food because I suffered from a life long inability to get up any earlier than five minutes after I was supposed to leave the house.  It was coffee to go for me from the age of about 15.

Our life in Japan shifted our morning routines - and with that shift breakfast, on the whole, disappeared.  In early 2009 I began to make breakfast but Phil rarely joined in.  I think this had to do with my heavy reliance upon peanut butter, banana and toast.  The real change came this August.

{today's breakfast}

Every day for the past four months we have seated ourselves at the table and shared a meal as a way to begin our day.  It has been a great time to talk and to relax.  Breakfasting has become more than just giving our bodies a bit of fuel before we get to the tasks before us.  It has also meant the strengthening of our two person family.  It has opened us to realizing that the table is not just the “dinner table” but the “breakfast table” as well.  It is rapidly becoming our favorite place to create community in our home.

{on mornings I know I will be rushed, I set it out the night before}

On weekdays we keep it light, fast and simple: instant oatmeal and a piece of fruit, yogurt and granola, nut bread and smashed banana, or a hard-boiled egg and a bit of rice and cucumbers.  On weekends we breakfast a bit later and so have a bit more of a stomach for eggs and bacon, omelets or waffles.

{Mom's nut bread & smashed banana}
{for those of us not skilled at timing the possession of ripe bananas and time for baking}

Either way – light and quick or hearty and leisurely – this year of eating in has convinced us both that breakfast is one of those meals meant to be eaten together at the table.  I cannot believe that for most of my adult life I thought it was to be purchased at the same time you are filling the car up with gas, or consumed while standing over the kitchen sink in order to save time.  This new way of fueling us takes less than fifteen minutes.

How does breakfast fit into your morning routine?
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Anna said...

that is so so sweet! I would love to sit down with my husband for breakfast, too bad he leaves so early and I say up so late. :)

Jeanette said...

My husband and I have breakfast every morning. He starts the coffee while I walk our dog then I'll come in and make breakfast and we'll eat cereal or oatmeal together watching the news and then SportsCenter. Then he leaves for work and I mess around for a couple of hours before school. It's nice!

Teresa said...

It is a gift Anna - one that we know might not last forever. :)

Jeanette - I am so glad you two do this together. My heart explodes when my husband makes my coffee - it's such a treat!


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