November 29, 2010

a season of preparing and a list of five

I have heard a rumor that Christmas is coming, but right now it's not really all about Christmas for me.  This next little bit is our season of preparing.  It is time for the readying of ourselves.  In honor of this I thought I'd share a list of five things that have happened in our Advent.

{1} Someone FINISHED his reading for the semester.  I was excited, until I realized that meant that EXAM PREP has officially begun.  I am terrified of exams.  Whenever they approached while I was in school, I would fall sick from the stress of it all.  There will be lots of popcorn popping, hot chocolate making and study break adventuring to combat stress over the next three weeks in this house.

{2} I finally made the GRANOLA.  I totally burnt it.  It smelled so wonderful, I checked my watch and had a bit to go before it was done.  {FATAL ERROR: When it smells done, it is matter how long you think it should be baked for.}  Then I went to make the bed and the smell became less wonderful.  I was so sad.  We had it for breakfast today even though I was pretty sure the "toasted" and "nutty" flavor was actually burnt honey.  It was confirmed by the super taster.  I wonder if the birds will eat burn granola.  In other news it's eggs and rice for breakfast in our house this week.

{3} Our AC has been off for two consecutive days in a row since we moved in.  We are so excited.  Who knew living in a dry, hot apartment would be so taxing.  I am pretty sure this is karmic payback for all the moaning we did while living in a freezing damp house for two years.  But things are looking good.  Holding steady at 74 degrees...with the windows open.

{4} Yesterday I opened the closet that holds our Christmas decorations.  I took a good long look at the boxes and then closed the doors.  It's not quite time for me to start on Christmas just yet.  I think I'll focus on the preparing for a while longer.

{5}  This morning when we walked outside the pair of us were blown away by the beauty of the weather pattern moving in from the West.  This made me loose my flip flop and almost fall over.  It prompted a heartfelt hope from my husband that we get the heads up on another move soon.  Our rooms are not without a view, but the western skyline would be much more pleasant than a hill full of weeds.

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